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The photo above is the Blacksmith shop of Hugh McCullough 1948-1905, in Fairy Street, Warrnambool, Victoria, Circa 1880.

Photos gathered from various sources including family members, a special thanks to Christopher Robb, Julie McCullough, Nettie Draffen, Janine Cumming.

Elinor McCullough [nee Moorhead]

James and Elinor McCullough [nee Moorhead] c.1860

James McCullough c.1907

Thomas McCullough 1846-1926 son of James and Elinor McCullough and his wife Alice Harriet Monk

Hugh McCullough 1848-1905, son of James and Elinor McCullough & his wife Margaret Lutton Mayne & children, Elizabeth Ann, James Abernethy, Agnus Mary, William Mayne. c.1881

John McCullough 1851-1935 son of James and Elinor McCullough. John is mounted on "Tasman" together they won the "Warrnambool Grand Annual Steeple Chase" 1st. May 1902. John and his brother William James were co owners of "Tasman"

Four generations-James McCullough, left, his son Thomas, right, his son James Ernest John, rear, his son, baby

The family of Thomas McCullough 1846-1926 and Alice Harriet Monk. L-R rear- Thomas wood 1855-1955, Ellen Moorhead 1870-1956, Ruby Gladys 1888-1951, James Ernest 1875-1955, his son Jack Lorvaine [baby] L-R centre- Unice May Brown wife of Thomas Wood, Thomas 1846-1926, his wife Alice Harriet Monk, Annie Ashton McCully 1883-1944, wife of James Ernest, his son Cyril Thomas Ashton 1907-1972, L-R front- also his daughter Alice Lillias Ruth 1912-1988, Thomas Arthur John 1910-1995, son of Thomas wood, Eric James 1909-2002, son of James Ernest John, also his daughters Marjory Naomi [baby] 1919-1999, and Nacy Loraine 1917-unk. c. 1918
The family of Hugh McCullough 1848-1905 and Margaret Lutton Mayne. L-R George Henry, Jeanette Jellie, William Mayne, Jean Lowry, James Abernethy, Martha Moorhead, Margaret Emily, Myrtle Estelle, Agnes Mary, Margaret Lutton, Elizabeth Anna. Taken at the wedding of Jean Lowry to Joseph Amoore in 1911
Sons of Hugh McCullough 1848-1905 and Margaret Lutton Mayne. L-R William Mayne, James Abernethy and George Henry. Margaret Lutton Mayne 1856-1928 wife of Hugh McCullough 1848-1905
George Henry McCullough 1882-1936 and Martha Beatrice Barker, married 1905 Martha Beatrice Barker 1881-1931 [known as Beatrice] Daughter of Peter Barker and Phoebe Oakley. Circ.1899
Martha Beatrice Barker. Circ. 1902 George Henry McCullough. 11th. Australian Light Horse Regiment
Phoebe Barker [nee Oakley] Mother of Martha Beatrice McCullough. George Henry McCullough. Australian Light Horse. George served in the C.M.F from 1905-1921. Rank, Squadron Sergeant Major [W.O.2] [part time duty]
Family of George Henry McCullough and Martha Beatrice Barker. L-R Beatrice Jean 1910-1984, Doris Margaret 1917-1989, Grace 1911-2003, Nettie Joyce, Beryl May 1914-1999, Hugh George 1907-1969, George Henry, and Norman David 1915-1997. Circ.1933 Freda May Mills 1904-1996 wife of Hugh George McCullough 1907-1969 son of George Henry McCullough and Martha Beatrice Barker. Circ.1928
Hugh George McCullough 1907-1969 and Freda May nee Mills. Taken at the wedding of their daughter Beryl Margaret in 1948 Beryl May McCullough 1914-1999 and Albert Beard. 1946 [Far left Hugh George McCullough]
Grace McCullough 1911-2003 and Colledge Symons. 1939 L-R: Beryl May McCullough, Beryl Margaret McCullough, daughter of Hugh George and Freda May McCullough, William McMillan, Beatrice Jean McCullough and Norman David McCullough. 1936
Nettie Joyce McCullough and Thomas Malcolm Draffen. 1945 Norman David McCullough 1915-1997 and Norma Florence Isobel Nee Crean