Killinchy Presbyterian Church


Killinchy Presbyterian Church

The above photo was taken when my wife Carol and I visited Ireland in 1998. The Church is dated 1714 and was extended in 1739.

The Killinchy Presbyterian Church and Graveyard is located some 15 kilometres S.E. of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is situated on the secondary road from Ardmillan to Balloo approximately 3/4 of a kilometre N.W. of the small village of Killinchy and about 4 kilometres S.E. of  the townland of Tullynagee.

This small church obviously played an important roll in the life of the McCullough family. Church records show that between 1812-1837 some 67 McCullough children, including James McCullough 1820-1910 and his Brothers and Sisters were baptised there. James 1820-1910 married Elinor Moorhead 1820-1906 there in 1843.

Records also show for the period 1812-1837 that some 66 Moorheads including Elinor Moorhead 1820-1906 and her Brothers and Sisters were also baptised. Elinor's Parents David Moorhead and Jane Lowry were married there in 1813. There is also many references to Lowry baptisms.

Buried in the graveyard are James McCulloch 1729-1801, his wife Mary 1735-1799 and their daughter Jane 1766-1794. Also beside them are Joseph McCullough 1771-1858, his wife Ellen 1771-1840, their daughter Ellen 1804-1878, their son James 1799-1882 and his daughter Mary 1836-1891 wife of John Kerr and their daughter Ellen 1804-1878. [Relationship unconfirmed.] This grave is against the end wall of the left hand building in the above photo. [refer gravestone inscriptions below]

The Church in the village of Killinchy is Anglican, the grave yard contains Moorheads and Lowry's.

The area around Killinchy is rich rolling pastoral land that slopes gently towards Strangeford Lough, some 2 kilometres to the East. It is a very picturesque area.

Details of two gravestone inscriptions of the above McCulloch/McCullough graves

Ref. Gravestone Inscriptions. IMPORTANT NOTE: This relationship is ******NOT CONFIRMED****** but is a possibility???KILLINCHY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH GRAVEYARD [From the trip of Bruce and Carol McCullough to Co. Down in 1999] **McCulloch (church records confirmed that this is a McCullough family grave.)   1/ Interred here the body of Jas. McCulloch who died 2nd. July 1801 age 72.  Interred here the body of Mary McCulloch , wife to Jas. McCulloch of Ballyminstra, who died 9th.  April 1799 age 64 years. Also their daughter JaneMc. who died 19th Feby. 1794 age 28 years.   2/  Mccullough Interred here the body of Joseph McCullough of Ballykeel Died 28 of November 1858 aged 87 yearsInterred here the body of Ellen McCullough, wife to Joseph McCullough of Ballykeel, who died 28 October 1840 aged 69 years.Also their son James McCullough who died 15 July 1882 aged 83 years.Also his daughter Mary, wife of John Kerr, who died January 14 1891 aged75years.Also their daughter Ellen McCullough who died October 26 1878 aged 74 years.   NOTE: Both the above graves are side by side and are registered in the names of John McCullough of Ballygowan and Mrs Christina McCullough of Ballyminstra dated 3/9/1912.  Reference copy of the relative page from the church Burial register.   [**Possibly my GGGGG Grandfather, to be confirmed. Bruce McCullough, Auckland, New Zealand.]