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McCullough Military Service-Photos


Australian Light Horse

George Henry McCullough son of Hugh McCullough 1848-1905.  Service No. 287

Enlisted: January 1905, 11th. Australian Light Horse Regiment.

Citizens Military Forces. Part Time Duties.

Discharged: 1st. July 1921, 4th. Australian Light Horse Regiment.

Rank: Squadron Sergeant Major [W.O.2]

Australian Light Horse

George Henry McCullough

Australian Military Forces-Army W.W.2

Major Hugh George McCullough son of George Henry McCullough 1882-1936.  Service No. VX104216 [V42607]

Service: 21/6/1940 to 20/8/1944 Transferred to the Reserve of Officers.

Areas: Victoria, 21/6/1940 to 24/7/1942. Volunteered and transferred to the Australian Imperial Force [A.I.F.] Casino, N.S.W. on the 24/7/1942. Transferred to Queensland 1/1943. Embarked Townsville, Queensland, disembarked Port Moresby, New Guinea, on the 8/3/1943. Embarked Lae, New Guinea, disembarked  Townsville, Queensland  on the 27/1/1944.

Australian Military Forces-Army W.W.2

Sergeant Norman David McCullough son of George Henry McCullough 1882-1936. Service No.  VX101116  [V50232]

Service: 1/7/1940 to 24/8/1945

Areas: Victoria 1/7/1940 to 9/1942  Volunteered and transferred to the A.I.F. 12/9/1942 and sent to Gaythorne, Queensland, taken on strength 17/9/1942. Embarked Townsville, Queensland, disembarked Milne Bay, New Guinea, 7/10/1942.  Embarked Milne Bay, N.G., disembarked Townsville, Queenland, 20/3/1944. Discharged Melbourne, Victoria, 24/8/1945.

Australian Military Forces-Army W.W.2

Lance Corporal Thomas Malcolm Draffen husband of Nettie Joyce McCullough daughter of George Henry McCullough 1882-1936. Service No.  VX1011116

Corporal Nettie Joyce McCullough served in the Australian Womens Army Service [A.W.A.S.]  Service No. VF397942.

Service Nettie McCullough: Enlisted 19/2/1943 in Melbourne Discharged 5/11/1945 in Royal Park.

Service Tom Draffen: 4/3/1940 to 31/10/1945.

Areas: Victoria 4/3/1940 to 30/4/1941. Embarked, Sydney, N.S.W. 28/6/1941. Disembarked, The Middle East 25/7/1941. Embarked, The Middle East 1/2/1943, disembarked Melbourne, Victoria, 25/2/1943. Transferred to Queensland 9/6/1943. Embarked Cairns, Queensland, 8/9/1943, disembarked Port Moresby, New Guinea, 11/9/1943. Embarked Finschhafen, New Guinea, 25/3/1944, disembarked Brisbane, Queensland, 4/3/1944. Embarked Townsville, Queensland, 8/4/1945, disembarked Morotai, 16/4/1945. Emplaned Morotai, 2/8/1945, deplaned Townsville, Queensland, 3/8/1945. Train Melbourne, Victoria, 10/8/1945, discharged 31/10/1945.

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